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Re: WTF Is Kansas City's Problem

said by dvd536:

said by insomniac84:

said by tshirt:

So who do you believe should pay the cost of improvements to the electrical plant/poles so that google can hang fiber in a safe and legal manner?

Google pays for all installation costs. It appears attachment fees are some kind of one time fee the owner of the pole(electric company) charges separate from the cost of installing the cable.

I'm pretty sure RoW pole fees are monthly.

Typically, there are two fees - the "Make-ready" or installation/attachement fees; which is a one-time charge at installation, and covers attaching to the pole, and any other charges required (adding guys, re-arrangments, etc).

There are also RoW or SSA (shared-service agreement) fees, which are a fixed monthly, recurring fee.

ALSO, it's pretty common for every "tennant" on the pole to pay a percentage of repairs/relocations, should a pole be damaged, or need to be relocated for roadwork, etc.

To me, it sounds like Google didn't understand the business they were getting into... Make-ready charges are common, and just part of doing utility construction on a shared structure.

This is all seperate from the actual construction charges, that the contractor charges for supplying and placing the cable, strand, lashing, etc...