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reply to The0_o

Re: [Raiding] LFR asshattery

You forgot:

- Pulling bosses without being ready or full group there are plenty of those around... pulling DW with 3 healers and/or 1 tank usually the norm..

- Even worse, the crappiest of the crap.. pullling boss like above and immediatly leaving group.. I caught one guy doing that and reported him.. IDK if Blizz did anything to him..

Right now is 90% arsehattery and 10% nice people.. have been granted some pieces when I saw someone win 2 of the same or something else they had equipped. and politely asking them to pass it.. which they did.

Maybe the rarest of the rare: asked a person if he could spare a Tier helm since he was decked in i397's also Tier.. he answered that's he's going to see what else drops to maybe trade. I gave up on that.. raid ended, left group dissapointed and all.. he was on my same realm, whispered me and gave me the T13 piece afterwards.