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Re: Google anti-SOPA/PIPA actions will disappear soon

said by FFH5:

I haven't defended all the copyright law features. No one has. Not even the RIAA or MPAA. But opponents like to take the position that if copyright law isn't perfect, then there should be no copyright at all.

There really shouldn't be any copyright law at all. Or at least, nothing other than restrictions regarding commercial use. "Copyright" is an artificial entity creating value by restricting thought, nothing more. (Intellectual property is nothing more than data, information, and ultimately thought.) By trying to tell people what they can copy or not, view or not, and if they could manage it, think about or not, they're ultimately attempting to control how we think.
Companies need to realize this anachronistic business model of artificially limiting a free resource to increase value is never going to work in the digital age. They are fighting a losing battle. What they need to do is provide tangible value, something that doesn't need artificial legal restrictions to back up its demand. This is inevitable - they will adapt or die out. "Piracy" is growing, not shrinking. People are learning that information is as free as the bandwidth it takes to acquire it. The cat is out of the bag, and no amount of government wrangling is ever getting it back in.