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Fort Lauderdale, FL
reply to FFH5

Re: Google anti-SOPA/PIPA actions will disappear soon

you're drinking too much koolade

YouTube has nothing to worry about. Google made peace with the content providers awhile ago

And SOPA/PIPA, despite the slippery slope arguments by opponents, is NOT designed to block US sites. It is squarely aimed at foreign sites and governments that tolerate/encourage the stealing of US content.

Watch the video on the MPAA website (careful if you have capped internet service - just the homepage is 41MB)., then "Be Informed", and then "Follow the Money" video. It directly talks about how Google AdSense is stealing revenue from the MPAA by funding pirates.

And - how about Google.CA, google.CN, and Google.KR. What happens when my filters, and I use those sites. We are going to only fine the canadians, chinese, or whoever?

no sir - MPAA is gunning for Google here.

But - I did see this blog: » ··· ail=hide

She is a content producer, and had your opinion, until she stopped with her koolade.