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Honolulu, HI

Virgin Mobile USA SMS NOTICE

The good is over. I just Revived the notice

Your beyond talk plan is about to change. Starting 3/23/2012, data speeds may be reduced once you hit 2.5 GB. For more info, click »msg4u.us/th2

To make sure we can keep offering our Beyond Talk Plans at such great prices, we're putting a data speed reduction in place for anyone who uses over 2.5GB of data in a month.

Will it affect me?
Based on your activity for your last plan month ending in December, you shouldn't be affected.

If you continue to use the same amount of data as you did in your last plan month, you should not see your data speeds reduced. Just to give you an idea, in order to hit 2.5GB, it's about 400,000 Mobile Internet page views, about 90,000(!) emails (without attachments), 91 hours of streaming music or 20 hours of video clips*.

This will not affect your ability to text or make calls with your phone.

How will it work?
Starting March 23, 2012, if you use over 2.5GB of data in a month on your Beyond Talk Plan:
• Data speeds may be reduced to 256Kbps or below for the rest of your month.
• If data speeds are reduced, they will return to normal as soon as your next plan month starts.
• If you'd rather not wait for your new month to start, you can restart your plan immediately through My Account.

How will I know if my data speeds have been reduced?
If you reach 2.5GB of data in a month, you will receive a text message letting you know your data speeds will be reduced for the rest of your plan month.

By putting this data speed reduction in place, we're making sure we can deliver the same quality service you've come to expect from Virgin Mobile. We hope you understand.

*Data usage per activity is based on an average. Bandwidth varies by website, video, email and other Internet application


Kansas City, MO
Yup... now it is in line with the Broadband2Go unlimited plan

for future reference the virgin mobile forum is here:
»Virgin Mobile Broadband


Rosston, TX
reply to squirrel83
As Virgin Mobile is a month-to-month prepaid service, they can change the rules at anytime, unlike a long-term contract service.

Their website says if you use more than 2.5 GB per month, your speed may be reduced to 25 Kbps (I think that is the speed they mentioned).

This let's them advertise "unlimited" without violation any Federal Trade laws.

North, VA
reply to squirrel83
Please post Virgin Mobile related content on the proper thread.

Here: »Virgin Mobile Broadband


Honolulu, HI

I just got to be carefully when I tether now. To be honest.. in New York the service is allready pretty slow in some areas. I wondered if this was allredy in effect.

I still only pay 25.00 a month for the unlimited data and 300 minutes. with a unlocked gingerbread device. still worth it.


Kansas City, MO

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reply to WHT
said by WHT:

Their website says if you use more than 2.5 GB per month, your speed may be reduced to 25 Kbps (I think that is the speed they mentioned).

I think it is 256kbps up/down

edit: even with a contract they can (and do) change the rules at any time... well with 30 days notice... (and you get the ability to exit the contract without penalty when they do)


reply to squirrel83
I have had my fill of VM and their changing horses in the middle of a race. I will be moving to another provider.
1. I cannot continue to have to call every month bc there is some problem when I renew my plan.
2. I got no notice of price change for plans and I have 3 phones with them.
3. They don't provide the greatest service and now they want to reduce speed if I use what they are providing for the price....
4. The phones are not the best and I need to be able to tether.
5. I HATE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Can I please speak to someone I can understand?
6. I am over the prepaid plans......you get what you pay for. It is good if you are on a tight budget and cannot indulge in a monthly plan that may affect your credit rating if something changes. But I am soooooo tired of the drama!