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Jason Levine
reply to FFH5

Re: Google anti-SOPA/PIPA actions will disappear soon

If new laws are needed to combat overseas piracy, then make them targeted and with checks in place to prevent abuse. SOPA and PIPA are vague and have little to no checks. They might be intended to only combat an overseas pirate, but as they are written they could be used to take down legitimate sites based on a mere claim of infringement.

Even if you trust that the current government wouldn't allow these abuses (and, with a username like "ThrowDemsOut", I'm guessing you don't), can you guarantee that the next government won't? What about the one after that?

SOPA and PIPA are way too vague and way too ripe for abuse. We need to toss them out and start from scratch. (Or use the OPEN bill that was formed as an alternative to SOPA/PIPA.)
-Jason Levine