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Las Vegas, NV

Only "Dead" Not really DEAD!

Perhaps the bills are essentially dead BY THESE NAMES, but you can bet your bottom dollar they will be back with some other mindless acronym, likely without changing word-one of these bills. These loons are not going to give up..

Somebody mentioned about what a scoundrel Reid is.. Being from Las Vegas, Nevada, I'm fully aware of this pantload. Believe me, we (the non-liberal/non-seiu-union/non-bat$hit-insane voters) tried to flush him down the toillet a year ago last November, but his pet SEIU thugs were out committing voter fraud during our early voting and on election day. This isn't hearsay, as I saw a lot of this with my own eyes. An attempt was made to get the state attorney general to bring charges, but since THAT pantload is also a democrat, nothing ever happened. Thus we (and America) get few more years of this lunatic, who is in control of the Senate, trashing America.. Sorry, America, we tried...