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London, UK

Various pictures from a telephone exchange

Found this set of photos while browsing another forum. Seems to focus mostly on IP and broadband related gear, but theres some mobile and other miscellaneous photos in there too.

» ··· 0074560/

Its a Telstra exchange in Australia, and judging by the labels on a couple of the Juniper ERX's I believe its Exhibition St in Melbourne Victoria.

The ERXs are used as BRAS/LAC for ADSL services, and having worked for a couple of ISPs in Australia I recognise the format of the hostnames ("VEZ0" and "VEZ1".)

V for Victoria
E for Exhibition
xx is a two letter identifier for the BRAS/LAC itself.

Focusing on that particular topic for a moment, there are many others for different states and exchanges.

Typically they are formatted as 4 characters, with the first two identifying the state and exchange, and the second comprising a letter and then either a letter or number identifying the box in that exchange. I believe there are usually only 2 exchanges in each capital city (i.e. per state) that have LACs in them (the Nothern Territory does not have any, they all hang off Adelaide), though larger states may have 3-4. Queensland I know had at least 3.

Some states that I know of (or really, can remember):

Nxxx for New South Wales
Qxxx for Queensland
Sxxx for South Australia
Wxxx for Western Australia

There are more but I forget what they are exactly (probably the first letter of the state name!)

So for example, something like the following are common names you could come across:

NKxx would be a LAC in the Kent St exchange in Sydney.
NCxx would be in the Chatswood exchange.

QWxx would be in the Wooloongabba exchange in Brisbane.
QLxx would be in the Lutwyche exchange.
QCxx would be in the Charlotte St exchange.

SFxx would be in the Flinders St exchange in Adelaide.
SWxx would be in the Waymouth exchange.

WPxx would be in the Pier St exchange in Perth.
WWxx would be in the Wellington St exchange.

And the others, most likely also based on the first letter of the exchange.

Neat little naming scheme I think. Now, go look at pictures and stop reading my drivel.

Mclean, VA
Interesting photos, although some of the equipment makes me think of how oversubscribed some of the lines are.


reply to TomS_
Yep some of the ERX's are LAC's and IGRs (ISP/Internet Gateway Routers) at Exhibition exchange

Also BigPond LNS (E320) and IPWAN LNS (M320) from memory.