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Big Jimmy

reply to hudiat

Re: Absolute last chance

How is it WORSE that he spends his time here helping people on an random forum on the internet? I LOVE that I've got a way to get answers to easy questions without having to call, even though I know I'm not going to get an answer right away.

I'm not defending them, and I'm not saying it's acceptable that you're not getting the service you're paying for. It sucks, and it sucks pretty bad, but they're working on it with a third party, and meanwhile you're complaining about not getting a resolution on an unofficial forum that you'll change your service if you don't get it fixed soon.

It'd be like if you went into a McDonalds, where a bank owner ate lunch once in a while, and started complaining that if you don't get better rates you're switching companies. I would want service too, and believe me I'd be going NUTS if I didn't get at least 4-6 down, but they're clearly working on it and you're still complaining.

I work in IT, and this reminds me of a situation a few months ago. This guy has a new hire coming in, needs a computer for her, but since they're paid from another site that's where the hardware comes from, so he contacts the IT person there to get it all lined up. I give her a spare (so she can actually get some work done) until it shows up, and he proceeds to come complain to me once every day or two that she still doesn't have a new computer, and what BS it is. I'm sympathetic, because the laptop I gave her is crap, but since someone else is working on it there isn't anything I can do. Dan is working with other people to get the problem resolved, and whether you come in here and complain about it nothing will expedite the issue. If you can't wait, THEN SWITCH SERVICES. Nobody is stopping you from doing it, and I doubt that it's going to break Dan's heart that you took a walk, because even though they lost a customer, he might do the same thing.


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I didnt mean its worse dan is here. I meant it is worse from wow's service stand point that we HAVE to come here to get a real answer on anything more than a tech just swapping equipment. Regardless if the forum is official, dan officially does work for wow. We reach out to a wow employee, and we extremely lucky to have dan here.

Go read the whole post from someone else about clevelands west side. The whole market is unstable. This being unofficial yet as customers we get more info here than any official contact at wow. The whole point of this thread was me leaving, then others in cleveland said something, then another post was made by someone else. This is now off topic. I am leaving soon. How do you know they are working on it, are you in cleveland, i think if you personally experienced it you would understand.

I try not to sound like I'm just complaining. Go back and read my posts from october to now, now I do seem like just a complainer, yes, but WOW's continuous bad service is the cause. I could be understanding of this, or another little issue, but a bunch of little issue at once, leaving me with unrealible internet for months, tell me you wouldnt be upset. Switching is easier said than done when competition is scarce in your area, and finding a good time for an appointment is tough scheduling wise.

Big Jimmy


Don't miss-understand that I don't feel your pain. Like I said, if I were getting this class of service, I'd be going nuts, and probably would've cut the cord with WOW a while ago. But even though you've got a legit case to be REALLY pissed off, you're getting and mad and complaining (yes, despite you having a reason to, it is complaining) in a place where nobody can help you. The other company is already working on it, so what good does it do to come on here and say that you're going to change providers if it isn't fixed today? It's doing as much good as yelling at the rain to stop, because it won't help. Yeah, changing providers is a MAJOR PITA, but if the service disruption is that big of an inconvenience, which it sounds like it is, then it's worth it.

Again, you've got a real gripe, but they're working on it, and making noise about changing providers and the like isn't going to do you, or anyone else in the impacted area any good.

Naperville, IL
reply to hudiat

The XO circuit has been back up for approximately 48 hours and we've been monitoring it without finding any issues. Have you noticed service going back to normal recently?



No, my signal strength got worse. It may not be by much, but still worse. Also last night was really bad. Horrible connection last night.

Still seeing ping fluctuation as well as packet loss.