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New York, NY
reply to keyboards

Re: [IMG] 1.9 Likes / Dislikes & Bugs

said by keyboards:

I suspect that you don't suffer from partial red / green color blindness (an affliction of about 5% of the male population). I do and I can't differentiate all of the colors in the guide, but then again, I'm used to that type of discrimination Could hte choices be better, yes, is it a big deal, no.

I understand why you want the colors changed...but honestly do the colors really matter in terms of the Guide itself?...I look at the Guide and read it based off of what info the Guide displays about the channels I am looking at...the colors to me are not what I use to read it...they are just a colorful representation of movies, sports etc but I honestly don't pay any attention at all to the colors

I guess some people do use the colors to guide them but I think of them as eye candy but they don't serve any real purpose...the channel numbers and program info is what I look at

as far as native passthrough...most channels are 1080i so the lag only affects a small number of channels...although it does affect me as I watch a lot of the ESPN HD channels...but again the lag is more then worth it, especially if you're a videophile