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Saint George, UT
reply to KrK

Re: It's apparent Google Planners had No Plan!

said by KrK:

said by alchav:

All this wiring should be out of site and underground.

Cost. Most cable TV still isn't underground, and they've had decades to do it.

Sure, over time and in the future, but for starting up, it's about the cost.

I know everyone wants to save money, but things have to be done right. Once you install something it's going to stay that way for a long time. Then you just keep adding to the mess, and you end up with a Jungle of Wires. Sacramento, CA did it right, the City wanted Fiber and they dug up the streets and came in with Fiber to all their buildings. That's why I said, if Google wants it done right they have to coordinate with the City. The City wires themselves with Fiber the City pays for that, and Google comes in at a meeting point with Fiber Trunks, and Google pays for that construction. Problem Solved!

Warner Robins, GA
The cities do not have that kind of money. And the incumbents are very good at passing state legislation to block them from doing what you propose. However, if a private entity comes in and is charge the same rates and abides the same regulations as any other provider, the incumbents are stymied in acting. Private companies is what they are supposed to be supporting.