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Stargate Universe fan
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Re: WTF Is Kansas City's Problem

I dunno quite what it's like in other areas, but here telephone and FiOS are the lowest (basically, FiOS was simply run along with phone cables which have been there for decades), and some nominal distance above that (certainly much less than 40 inches), there's TWC. There's wayyyy more than 40 inches between TWC and power of any sort.

As someone intimately familiar with outside plant, could you please explain the 40 inch zone? On first reading, it seems like this would be a minimum spacing from power. This would imply Google (or any other entity for that matter) could just hang their cables below everyone else, within some practical limit of course to prevent deter tampering.
English is a difficult enough language to interpret correctly when its rules are followed, let alone when a writer chooses not to follow those rules.

Jeopardy! replies and randomcaps REALLY suck!


Austin, TX
Essentially, the 40 inch zone is so you don't stick your head, tools into the high voltage primary power and become a statistic.

As for just hanging cables anywhere on the pole, there are specified clearances between the bottom cable and driveways, roads, etc., hanging one's cable too low provides the opportunity for semi tractor trailers, garbage trucks with their looks exended, etc. tear down the cable, and possibly damage poles. Normally cables belonging to one utility will be run together, with limited, if any separation, in fact the cables may be lashed together to a single messenger strand. This is very prevalent around here where TWC will have several cables, both fiber optic and coaxial.

The bottom utility is normally the telco and the next is cable tv.

In your case, you said that there appears to be way more space above TWC and power than 40 inches. In that case, google is perfectly free to hang their cable there, providing they have made arrangements for attachment fees, etc.

Bearing in mind if 40 inches is all that separates the top utility from the power and the bottom utility just meets code clearance requirements, then whoever wants to add attachments will be paying the pole owner for a new pole and all labor required to remove the attachments from the old pole and attach to the new pole, and those are not insignificant costs.

Stargate Universe fan
Thank you for the explanation.

That, and provided Google's gear wouldn't stress the poles too much due to gravity and the ~120 km/h peak winds we've had