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Lawrence, KS


Knology purchased Sunflower.com about a year ago. In that last couple of months (as in late 2011), KNOLOGY began to market a DOCSIS 3 50meg down; 1meg up product. One problem:

KNOLOGY DOES NOT DELIVER THE PRODUCT AT ALL. Speed test after speed test documents that the best KNOLOGY in LAWRENCE, KANSAS can do is about 20megs down.

Despite repeated efforts to work with the company, they simply refuse to own the problem. KNOLOGY maintains if you are running speed test on any site OTHER than their speed test site at »speedtest.knology.net/ (many people can't even access that site UNLESS they're on the KNOLOGY pipe), you can't expect 50meg down! HUH?! What? Here are some independent tests I just ran this night (Jan. 20, 2012):

»www.speedtest.net/result/1720602 ··· 2890.png

»www.speedtest.net/result/1720604 ··· 4476.png



Columbus, GA
please find in print or video of supposed 50 meg down


Columbus, GA
found something....

the zipcode for law.

and i came up with the options page...

Up to 50 Mbps Download 59.95 a month...
5 e-mail accounts
Service for up to 4 computers
250 GBs bandwidth usage included
DOCSIS 3.0 modem required

is that your selected package?

15-20 is about the standard pack.

Resident Duh-Huh Member

Panama City, FL
reply to scajj
Do you have "The Edge"?

Standard D3 speeds are 12/2, Edge 25/5 & business class 50/?.
Certified Jenius!


Lawrence, KS
reply to scajj
»kansas.knology.com/internet/ is the webink to the website. Note:



Data Allotment:
Modem Rental:

Not sure if this link will work, but here it is:

»secure.kansas.knology.com/order? ··· ?36=1#s2

How about some more speedtests? At your service:

But when you connect INTRA-net to the Knology server in Atlanta, guess what?!

Last Result:
Download Speed: 49112 kbps
(6139 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 1471 kbps
(183.9 KB/sec transfer rate)

Latency: 32 ms
Monday, January 23, 2012 10:27:12 AM

Let's try some more speedtests INTER net....it is the world wide web:

The server above is but 35 miles away. Something ain't right. *shrug*


Lawrence, KS
Here is a test from DSLreports:


Lawrence, KS
reply to goober22
The product is not called "The Edge" in Lawrence, Kansas. It's called "GOLD". More like fool's gold in performance, however.


Lawrence, KS
reply to zpm
Correct. GOLD. That is the package I selected. It was a "special" being run for the month of December. Special "price wise" that is.....




My results from West Lawrence.

»www.speedtest.net/result/1738888 ··· 8843.png

Correct, the ISP only guarantees those speeds over their network. ie Lawrence area speed tests.
You have to understand they have no control over speeds and connections across the country through other states and cable networks. That's just how it is.

However, I know for a fact, that Sunflower/Knology have been aware of some speed problems and slow downs in the Downtown and North Lawrence area on their own network, for the last few years or longer, and they have no intentions of fixing it for their customers. These customers have a legitimate compliant. The "Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed" disclaimer gets them off the hook for that one too.

I have been primarily happy with the fools golds speeds I'm getting, I have an understanding of how the internet works out side of the Knology Lawrence network, so I do not feel that I have been deceived speed wise as you do.
I went with fools gold, for the Speed and Data Allotment: 250GB**, vs Palladium Data Allotment: is Unmetered, but the over all speeds across Lawrence and country would be far lower than your test results, because they intentionally CAP it.

My displeasure with Knology comes from the Cable TV side and crappy equipment they provide. From loosing my entire DVR series recording setup and having to reprogram all the channels and times again, to recorded episode descriptions randomly disappearing from the menu.
I was told by a tech today that there are definitely some software/firmware issues with their DVR's that cause recorded programs to loose their episode descriptions randomly in the DVR's menu. I guess they have no intentions of fixing those problem either.
They offered no alternative, solutions, or even any encouragement it was going to get fixed.

I'm looking into satellite again (was much happier, better equipment), AT&T/DSL/Cable or Tivo or similar options for recording TV or maybe just ditching $60+ Knology Cable TV package altogether and return their $15 a month garbage DVR on principal alone and do with out.


Lawrence, KS
Thanks for looking. HOWEVER:

Explain to me how EVERY....and I mean EVERY speedtest I run using my AT&T connections (that's right, I have TWO: one old time DSL with a 6meg down cap; and U-Verse with a 23 meg down cap) ALWAYS produce darn near the same results, irrespective of the time of day or what speedtest sites I use...including the one's in Asia and Australia?

The old time DSL gets a solid 5.2meg down ANYWHERE I TEST.....the U-Verse gets a solid 21-22meg down ANYWHERE I TEST.

Nope....it has nothing to do with the net and everything KNOLOGY is doing to keep their costs down which includes the routes they purchase. Use »www.traceroute.org and pick a site. Trace and ping yourself. See what I see?!

Too, I have accounts in Olathe using »www.surewest.com as well as COMCAST both claiming AND providing 50meg and higher down. 50meg and HIGHER.

KNOLOGY is not accepting responsibility for their errors. When they get things right, I may consider going back. I and my associates were NOT working with local KNOLOGY....we were working with "Corporate" KNOLOGY in Georgia. Long story, just don't waste your time talking to the Lawrence local guys...there's not much control they have. It's the path that KNOLOGY is choosing to use...how they route your "signal" that is cheap as all get out. We're convinced the "big boys" KNOW exactly what they're doing too


Lawrence, KS
reply to ditchknology
PS: Be advised that nobody but KNOLOGY can access: »speedtest.knology.net/ dead link for everyone not on a KNOLOGY the ip.

It's called the WWW for a reason: World Wide Web! It's called the KNOLOGY IntraNet Web. Using that KNOLOGY speedtest is just a direct connection to their server.

My challenge to you is use another site another than a KNOLOGY site at »www.speedtest.net or »www.speakeasy.net/speedtest or even better, one of the test servers here at DSL reports.

Rember, only a KNOLOGY IP can access »speedtest.knology.net/ and that's their server in Atlanta. I betcha money when you hit THAT test you're going to get the same thing you got hitting the Sunflower.com test site. That ain't a valid test. That is an INTRA net test. Don't count. Use one of the other sites and report back, please.

Oh...and just for fun....here is a speedtest report from my U-Verse:

AT&T says "...up to 23megs down.....up to 3megs up....". These kinds of results demonstrate net "slow down"...not the non-sense I posted from the other speedtest.net site servers using the KNOLOGY connection. Ok, allowing for a bit of distance go to »www.speedtest.net and pick a server in Kansas City. See whatcha get! All that glitters is not Gold!!


Lawrence, KS
reply to ditchknology
PS: I do believe you'd be happier with DISH which is hands down the best deal out there AND the video is BETTER; there are more HD channels; and the DVR is state of the art. I concur with what you've written about their video side: VERY limited HD programming (What? ONE Showtime in HD all the rest "regular"??? What??!! ONE HBO in HD all the rest regular?; Etc.) The only reason we were moving away from DISH is due to our tree line and vandalism on the dish itself. The programming we are more than happy with.

Too, do yourself favor and watch the KCMO channels using an over the air antenna....you'll see HDTV like you've never seen. Again, our tree line messed with us so we went with an outside mounted 4bay bow tie UHF antenna; but you may very well be able to get by with an inside antenna. Keep in mind, ALL the KCMO digital channels are broadcasting on a UHF channel. It may SAY channel 4....but it's really broadcasting RF channel 34 which means it's UFH. Channel 5 is really broadcasting on RF 24: UHF. »transition.fcc.gov/mb/engineerin ··· ng/maps/


Lawrence, KS

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