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Long Island,
reply to GolfDude

Re: Optimum App for Laptop

said by GolfDude:

just b/c you have the download file doesnt mean it works on the desktop you install it on.. it will still reject you from watching live tv on it b/c every desktop has an external monitor attached to it..

the point of my post was to show that a moderately large company like Cablevision, shouldnt be using scripts that can easily be circumvented, in an attempt to prevent a user from downloading the application to a desktop computer.
you can easily enough download the file on your laptop and send the file to your desktop using various methods to send the file if a user isnt capable of circumventing Cablevisions "detection" script.
whether or not the application will work on a desktop is irrelevant to an advanced PC user, since an advanced PC user can obtain the tools necessary to effectively "debug" the application on the laptop, collect the needed variables and information and create their own "application" or modify variables on the desktop PC in order to make the application work on a desktop PC.
there is always a work-around.
its safe to assume that Cablevision will obviously produce revised versions of this application in time, that will attempt to be "stronger" at preventing an advanced PC user from "debugging" it.
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Ronkonkoma, NY
Can you run it on a desktop with no monitor (or a laptop I suppose) & VPN to your desktop?


Brooklyn, NY
the only place that checks multiple monitors is silverlight applet on their webpage. you can bypass it by using the link i pasted above.
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Ronkonkoma, NY
·Optimum Online
I already had it installed on my desktop (I also replaced /download at the end of the URL since I knew Optimum Link does the same thing, and wasn't too surprised it worked), I just haven't had a chance to actually try the app. I figured they'd do the check on run like how the iOS app checks for jailbroken devices upon run. Good to know it currently doesn't.