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Hampton Bays, NY

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reply to MxxCon

Re: Optimum App for Laptop

said by MxxCon:


But yes, once installed it complains "Your account is not enabled for Optimum App for Laptop".

The app is written in silverlight or at least uses silverlight as a shell.
Apps' internal name is 2139263213.optimumapp.iptv.optimum.net
is that somebody's phone number?

the only problem with that link is that you have to be previously logged in, in order for it to work or it just redirects you to the landing page.
ive done a little bit of "debugging" and discovered theres a number of servers in use to auth this app, they currently are not configured at this point (for suffolk county) and gives the error about the account not being enabled (the server returns blank).
id like to get my hands on the auth servers for those who are able to use this app and change my dns server to redirect to those IP's since this app is calling by name and not number, then this app will work for long island (probably not correctly).
if the news 12 long island is streaming as a test on the landing page, then the video servers for this app are obviously working, but its not known exactly how many channels.
it appears they are using a similar algorithm that netflix uses, sending "chunks" of the AVC1, AACL & DFXP data to silverlight to be re-assembled by the player.
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