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Evanston, WY
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Re: [DIRECTV] What the heck is with the DVR playback?

21V Power Inserter
MRV is Mutil Room Viewing; watching content recorded on your HD DVR in another room that has an HD box.

The only time I have seen that specific issue was when MRV was in play... Just trying to get more info on your setup I guess... are you seeing that error on the HD DVR itself or in another room?

If you have MRV (if you are able to watch recorded content in multiple rooms) then you more than likely have a power inserter somewhere in the mix (see pic). If that is not setup properly or is on a "bad" line, it can cause all sorts of issues.

For the cable and splicing... as long as the cable is RG6 and there aren't any outdoor splices that are not weather sealed, you should not have a problem there. I usually replace all splices I can see, only because some of the older wall plates and splices do not handle the frequency range that DirecTV HD is at. I have fixed an entire system just by changing out all the wall plates in the house.
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Simi Valley, CA

I do have one of these. The installer put it in the garage. The line from the dish to the MRV he supplied. The line from the MRV to the MPOE he supplied.

What do you mean bad line? Bad power or bad cable?

I am a little perplexed though. I have an H25 in my office that is fed by a homerun from the MPOE to the office (so no splices). It was installed 10 years ago. I would assume the electrician used RG6. This TV gets it all the time. All connections were Directv'd by the installer. It appears all should be clean (for this box).

Also. I believe I have one splice in the attic that the installer did not change out. Is this something I can contact Directv to come out and fix?