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Wakefield, MA

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reply to tnsprin

Re: [IMG] 1.9 Likes / Dislikes & Bugs

said by tnsprin:

Your should only see a second of two delay, and only if the new channel is using a different mode. Unless your are compulsive channel changer that is not a big deal. The difference in quality for the 720P channels is worth it on my 1080p Samsung's

I have a Sony NX 810 TV, not best thing on the market last year but not shabby either. and yes, the delay is only a second or 2 but a second or two to much for my tastes. I flip channels, espcially if the wife is out. The PQ is so good on both my 7232 and Premiere TiVo being set to 1080i i can live with it and honestly i see no difference with either box set to native pass through