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[Other] TP-Link TD-W8960N Sleep Mode

I received one of these modem/router combos yesterday and after setting it up made a horrifying discovery.

When the unit is connected to a live ethernet computer everything is hunky dory but if I shut down my desktop the stupid thing goes to sleep until the desktop is rebooted.

Now the crux of the biscuit is that I have VOIP connected to this device as well as a couple of network printers and I do 90% of my computing from wireless laptops.

However atm it seems that I must leave my desktop powered up constantly to even be able to use my phone. Even worse. When the desktop goes to sleep the modem powers down again.

I assume it's a firmware issue and I have contacted TP-Link about the matter by phone. They promised to get back to me later on today. Level One Tech Support had no idea what I was talking about so I presume they are escalating the matter.

I've been thru every possible item in the setup pages of the router and can find nothing related to power management.

What should I do people? Should I suck it up and see if TP-Link has a solution or a promise of improved firmware? Or should I just stuff the blasted thing back in the box and ship it back to the vendor after fighting for an RMA?

Has anyone else experienced any similar problems with TP-Link products? Any words of advice or consolation?

Problem solved! I am officially a moron

Turns out the modem was plugged into an APC UPS outlet that was controlled by computer shutdown. That's what I get for configuring new hardware at 4 AM