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Wakefield, MA

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reply to keyboards

Re: [IMG] 1.9 Likes / Dislikes & Bugs

said by keyboards:

My set is calibrated. There are varying degrees causing various shades and hues to indistinguishable.

As I said in my original post about this IT"S NOT A BIG DEAL and I have not made a fuss about the color scheme being changed, just an observation.

I stand corrected, by my wife. I am not seeing the difference between the red and green things in the guide because..im not seeing it. The 2 colors are canceling each other out and appear red to me (i didnt even know there was a green) or so my wife is telling me. we do not get the chance to sit down and watch TV together often. So who knows what other colors im not seeing or seeing correctly. In the future never listen to anything i have to say about colors. i am way to color blind to be trusted.

Has anyone said anything about the new bookmark with the VOD feature?
When you back out of the bookmark you goto it doesnt take back to bookmarks?