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Verona, NJ
reply to bushleaguer

Re: [IMG] 1.9 Likes / Dislikes & Bugs

1, 2, (both Firmware related) and 3 are being addressed. 3 will take much more time.

said by bushleaguer:

Overall, I think 1.9 is a great IMG update. Love the expanded storage (can finally record in HD and not worry about how much space is left) and the guide is nice. However, there are issues that Verizon needs to work out...

1. While watching recorded programs with local commercials, the skip function does not work properly and will bring you to the end of the program. This only applies to some channels, but enough that I watch to make it quite annoying. Fast-forwarding and rewinding works fine but it's not as intuitive as the skip. I've been told that Verizon is aware of the problem and is working on it.

2. For some reason, I'll go to change the channel, scroll through the guide or enter the DVR and the box will not respond right away. I have to wait for the box to respond lest I press the button again thinking I wasn't pointing the remote properly and then all heck will break loose as the box will finally respond and go through all the commands sent to it. I've changed the batteries on my remote and rebooted the box so it has to be a problem with the IMG.

3. Not a bug, but ditto on making the external HD account specific and not box specific so that if the box dies we'll be able to replace it and still have all the recordings on the external HD intact.