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South El Monte, CA

[Modem] *Switching from 2701HG-B Modem/Router to D-Link 520B (Mo

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering are there any procedures I should look out for when switching from the 2701HG-B Modem/Router to the D-Link 520B modem in combination with the Linksys E-4200 router?

I was told by a sales rep that I would have to contact AT&T and tell them that I am switching modems. Is that correct?

P.S. I am switching modems because whenever my brother's macbook pro get onto the network the internet goes down, so I thought that maybe switching to the Linksys e-4200 router would fix the problem. But I could not get it to work with the 2701HG-B (I looked for manuals/tutorials on how to bridge, but none of them worked) so now I decided to buy the D-Link 520B modem and hopefully this will solve all of my problems. I also called TimeWarner twice to try and switch ISP, but both times they said they would call back but I never received a call from them.

Also can someone give me step-by-step procedures on how to setup the D-Link 520B and Linksys E-4200 combo please?

Thank you so much!


South El Monte, CA

Re: [Modem] *Switching from 2701HG-B Modem/Router to D-Link 520B

I got the d-link modem to work, and I found out the linksys router was defective so that is being replaced. now I'm thinking about whether or not I should switch to ATT U-Verse because the internet is still getting d/c without my brother using his macbook.