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Go Habs Go
Toronto, ON
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reply to squircle

Re: IPv6 beta

said by squircle:

said by SimplePanda:

Straight up auto configuration with DHCPv6 only ever assigns on the first /64 of the assigned /56 (without specific configuration otherwise) so the vast majority of people will never use more than a /64 anyways.

I think you meant SLAAC, but that's my exact point. And I know the whole mantra with IPv6 is that we don't really need to conserve addresses since there are so damn many of them (unlike IPv4), but I like my powers of two, and...


I did mean SLAAC, yes. Specifically, what I meant is that the out of the box configuration most people will be using, at least right now, only assigns on the first /64 of the /56 anyways (Tomato, for example).