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Los Altos, CA

DSL down N. Cal

DSL down since 6pm last night. No outages shown on website. Phone is working. Called support and they said no known outages; suggested bad modem. area code 650, sunnyvale/los altos area.

Same here, but i am in 408 area code, south santa clara valley


Los Altos, CA
Are you up yet? I'm about to get a new modem as they suggested.


Los Altos, CA
Got a new netgear modem (adsl2+). Couldn't find the zyxel ones mention by tech support. Got connected. Speed test download @2.4Mbps, about twice what I had before. Recently I had called about upgrading from my original dl speed of 1.5Mbps to 3.0Mbps. Made several Online chat and tech support calls. Every time they said they could do it remotely but then they had technical difficulties to make the switch. I kept asking what the difficulties were, but they wouldn't tell me. Said they'll have someone work on it and email and call me. It didn't happen. Gave up on that. What is change to get the increase in speed? Did they switch me over and the modem I had from 2002 was not compatible or did that old modem just quit and died?


reply to chue
Earthlink DSL, down yet again for the last 6 hours was online at the time service was interrupted, went to work came back on service still down.
Called a friend that lives 5 cities over she reported tardive cell service is unstable in very slow when service connects (dial up speeds).

I suspect earthlink's DNS servers as usual.
I live in Berkeley California. Area Code 510
My friend lives in El Sabrante California.

I have Earthlink, and am in the Santa Cruz area. We are up and running no problem.