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Karl never learns

Karl I wish you were more educated or at least, more intelligent.

Even the readers here who generally like to see telecoms fail or be insulted know that what you've written here is beyond dumb.

With rock bottom prices, how is anybody going to be able to invest in cell towers?

Where did the CEO say it wasn't happening? He said competing on price was a bad idea because the business model requires heavy capital investment. Innovation means new technologies, such as MMS/LTE etc. etc.

Perhaps you're just smart enough to know that posting incorrect but inflammatory stuff will get you more views, but from your history you seem very ignorant about anything business related or any kind of standards when writing these pieces.

I'd like to see whose towers Free is using, what kind of coverage they have and whether they can compete with Orange on speed.

If you think that telecoms can ONLY compete on price, you're just hopeless Karl. I hope you get some education.


You may expect the very same crap here.


Cleveland, OH
reply to komal
you are misinformed. they said the same thing about Fred's landline service- that triple play for a meager $40/month was impossibly cheap and would lead to bankruptcy. What you and a lot of other consumers don't understand is just how much the incumbents are gouging you with their inflated prices, and how cheap investment is. Xavier's policy is that he requires an average of $10 per customer. he can set up his wireless network as long as he earns 10 per month from each customers. the $2 per month plan is just to pull away people from competitors, people who are looking for an ultra cheap bargain.

Xavier's already explained he makes a profit even offering service at the $2 price point.