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Gee Dub

Huntsville, AL

Advice on Equipment for New Cable Internet Install

New member in N. AL... I'm about to enter the 21st century and pull the plug on AT&T/Bellsouth 3Mb DSL and go for Knology standard or Edge Plus cable internet. Looking for some help to make sure I end up with good equipment and setup.

My current setup uses a Motorola 2210 DSL modem with a Linksys WRT54GL router. Network devices number up to 5-6 wireless computers/game consoles, plus a printer or two.

I know I'm buying a new modem and I plan to buy a new n-speed router. Looks like well-liked modems here and elsewhere are the Motorola SB6120 (replaced by SB6121?) and Motorola SBG6580. I'm inclined to go the separate modem/router path rather than an integrated modem/gateway. Anyone want to convince me one way or the other? Just to make sure I understand, the integrated modem/gateway eliminates the need for a separate router, right? SB6121 is $86 at Amazon and Newegg, SBG6580 is ~$129.

The bigger question for me is the router. Main high-speed use will be video streaming, but downloads and gaming at times (when kids are home from college). Signal strength/coverage is important too, as devices are on different levels in the house. The Staples ad in this week's newspaper has n-speed routers at $50-180. That's a big price spread. Why should I spend 3X my money?

Any suggestions will be much appreciated, especially ones based on personal experience!

Madison, AL
I personally prefer the modem and router to be separate.

I've had my current setup for about 3 years so my stuff is a little older but still works for my needs. I use the Motorola SB6120 and a Linksys WRT300N with DD-WRT firmware. I had to put the router in the middle of the house under the stairs to cover both upstairs and downstairs (2,700 sq ft house). I could have probably just added wireless access points to extend the coverage.

Since my setup works I've not studied up on any of the newer stuff so maybe someone else will chime in the opinions on the latest/greatest stuff.

Gee Dub

Huntsville, AL
reply to Gee Dub
Been doing a bit more research, resulting in a question concerning single-band vs. dual-band. I'm still trying to determine whether any of my devices are 5 GHz capable, so I may not require dual-band. However, in looking at reviews of dual-band routers, throughput in the 2.4 GHz band appears to be higher than in a single-band device. Anyone have anecdotal evidence when upgrading from single- to dual-band router that you noticed a speed increase on 2.4 GHz?

Lark3po, thanks for your reply. I think I'll go with a separate modem and router.

Six Gun Kid
Huntsville, AL
reply to Gee Dub
My installer actually recommended using a separate Router, he recommended the Netgear NWR2000 which I purchased and it's been a easy ride.