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AnyRoom Install

Just had my AnyRoom install done in Bedford, IN.

1 Hub and 3 remote boxes.
Premier package with all the movie channels.
Already had Extreme 50 Internet and Unlimited Voice.

Other than a couple of hiccups with the provisioning of one of the boxes the install went well.

The tech measured the signal strength of all the drops and then proceeded with the install.
No trip to the pole outside.
My line comes into the basement and connects to a 2 way splitter.
1 split goes straight to the modem.
The other split goes to a Winegard amp which then feeds a 6 way splitter.

I mentioned that I had a Winegard amp which feeds a 6 way splitter and he stated that was probably a good thing as I had several connections.

Another tech showed up to assist as he was in the area.

I asked each tech if they had ever done an Extreme 105 Internet install.
They had not.
I mentioned the $250 install fee to roll a truck and each tech stated they did not see the need to roll a truck.
They couldn't think of anything they personally would do since I already had a DOCSIS 3 modem and I've already got Extreme 50 service.

Overall impressed with the install.

Will see how the wife likes the 2 tuner restriction after a couple of days.