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Docsis 3.0 Wireless Issues

I just had WOW installed in my home. I have the 30/3 internet plan and have had nothing but issues. The first modem I had would constantly give DNS errors when in wireless mode. I had a technician out to replace the modem, and I am having the same issues. Only with the wireless, hard wired through the modem is just fine.

I did a ping test through pingtest.net and get a 90% packet loss while connected wireless. I also did a ping test manually through cmd prompt "ping google.com -t" and every 2-3 packets sent it would time out.

I borrowed a linksys router from a neighbor and bridged the modem, and from then on everything worked (almost) great on wireless. But why would this be happening on the WOW arris modem. Id rather not have to go out and buy a router if I am already paying for it through WOW.

Also the reason I say everything works almost great above is because it seems that my internet is slower now then when I had ATT at 13 megs. Pages load slower and take a longer time to find. However, I am downloading larger files at a consistent 30 megs.

Any help would be much appreciated, as I have already spent way to much of my time on the phone with WOW's tech support.

Thank you.


Another person, another arris issue. Not saying they are crappy product per se (although I think they are), but they are absolutely not consumer friendly over just a regular modem.


Madison Heights, MI
·WOW Internet and..
reply to Tyler
you're paying for the modem rental. it happens that it does (arguably bad) nat/router duties. if you wanted to get rid of the modem rental fee, you would also have to buy your own modem (motorola sb6121)

even if you went with the 15/1 plan on docsis 2.0, you would still have the modem rental fee.

your speeds should be consistent, assuming the sites serving you content can deliver it at 30mbit to you. if your wow speedtests are all over the place ( »speed.try.wideopenwest.com ) then i would work with wow.


Plymouth, MI
reply to Tyler
I had the same experience using the Arris built-in router. On wireless, my connection speeds were only about 1 Mbps. Once I switched to a separate router, everything worked flawlessly.


Utica, MI
reply to Tyler
Tyler, honestly you need to just buy your own router. You can get a wireless N router for under $40. It sucks, but it is the only way many of us have found to deal with the crap Arris modem/router combo units. Sorry.