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Annoying popping on ABC in newburgh IN

I've called support about itand was told its ABCs feed to WOW and its out of their control. Its been going on for over 4 months. My neighbor has Time Warner and his feed from them isn't popping constantly. Just wondering if its ever going to get fixed and if WOW is bugging them to fix it.


I'm in Newburgh also.

The only thing I ever watch on ABC HD is Modern Family and that gets DVR'd every Wednesday night of a new episode.

I've also noticed the popping sound and figured it was my DVR doing bad recordings. Its very annoying, but I've just suffered through it instead of calling anyone about it.


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I have the same problem. Watch ABC on mondays and wednesdays. I used to watch a show on two other night but decided it wasn't worth the annoying popping and stopped. I called and was told the same thing.
The local ABC affiliates website sucks because I was going to email them and couldn't find where or who to email on it. I really don't feel like calling them so guess I'll deal with it until I decide to change providers.

Answer is

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It is something at the Provider site. They have been going thru a transition there at WEHT/ABC. It is channel 11 and 811 on WOW. It does it on cable and thru their off air signal as well. Other cable system are experiencing this issue also. Provider has verified it is their issue.

Couch Potato
Statesville, NC
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I have the same issue in Evansville. I use a cable card inside my computer so I just thought it was something with the way it tuned that QAM, even though every other channel is fine. good to know it's not just me with that issue. I have not reported it.
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