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[Grandfathered Plans] A journey comes to an end

After all this time together (20+ years), I'm sorry Bell, but we must now part ways. You knew this day was coming. You knew.

You knew, how you kept increasing my rates diligently and marveled at the fact that I'd pay it faithfully. Silly of me to do so for so long, I know.

But enough is enough. Le tata est tané. This cow has no more milk (No milk for you!)

Good bye grandfather plan, good bye basic phone, thank God I gave up the TV a decade ago (can't believe how much you now charge for that drule.)

Hello 50% savings, minimum, every month by switching to "The Competition" with 5x faster (internet) and feature rich phone service.

Bell...like RIM...they just don't get it.

P.S. And do something about your horrid billing. It makes horseshit smell like a beautiful bouquet of roses. You could probably save hundreds of millions there easy. I also hope you get the last mile pulled out from under ya, just sayin'. Peace.
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Re: [Grandfathered Plans] A journey comes to an end

It's good to see you made the switch later rather than never, Steve.