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Re: Forum

said by DSM Fan:

Hoping to prove a point. Forums do not belong to the users they belong to the companies that host them. If you don't abide by the rules of the forum prepare to be moderated. If the moderators don't think what you are discussing is relevant to the users prepare to be moderated. If you are going off on a tangent and discussing things that aren't relevant prepare to be moderated. If you aren't seeing a trend it is that a moderators job is to moderate a forum. This is par for the course with companies much larger than PP.

To post a review with a negative inflection about something that is par for the course is peculiar. Also I think it is in their forum guidelines. Granted it is your opinion and you are entitled to it.

My last statement still stands where is the cover up and what is suspicious. You make this out to be some giant scandal where PP is trying to hide something. An official source posted about an outage,stated the nature of the outage and the time frame. If anything this is the exact opposite of a cover up.

I'm a big fan of Phone-Power and I agree where the mods at PhonePower are coming from. People are smart though and they are going to see the threads at DSLR not being modded, then go to PP forum and notice their posts being obliterated regardless of "rules, points, prerogatives, property, etc." and that will be all she wrote. My dad told me better to let people air out a little dirty laundry then have it overflow out of the hamper, which in this case would be the PP forum vs. public Internet. Which as we can all clearly see now in this review. siggghhh... Good, Bad, Right, Wrong, that is JMHO?


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Covina, CA
Understandable that people feel their opinions or dirty laundry were removed. That is the job of a house cleaner. Moderators are forum house cleaners. Also no one has elaborated on this suspicious cover up.
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