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San Antonio, TX

Clear Spot Voyager vs Apollo?

Thinking of getting a Clear Spot to replace my PHS-300 since it is supposed to have better battery life and I would be less likely to have the USB stick drop or get loose if there isn't one in the first place

Clear advertises a Voyager model and an Apollo model, but the only reviews I can find are for the Apollo. Since the Voyager is $30 more, I'm wondering if it's actually better, or just smaller. Anyone use one of these?


This new MiFi device was quoted to me as having an ethernet port, which if it does would put it in the more useful category. This could allow for more devices to be used, maybe at home via a wireless router, or any non-wifi device via ethernet or using a router, bridge, etc.

It's unconfirmed (only because I know support agents sometimes get their info wrong, often through hearsay or misunderstanding rather than official documentation).

Unfortunately, the site's spotty on specs. It doesn't stop me from getting quite excited about it though!

Does anyone have, seen or located any info online on any Clear (or different-brand) Spot Voyagers to share or confirm these findings? If you do, please share!


I'm ordering one to replace an old spot. Smaller form factor but no screen means more battery maybe... 6 hours is pretty good compared to the hour or so I'm getting now.


reply to EwanG
I used have Apollo and I am now using Voyager, Voyager is by-far a superior product in every way you look.

1)Voyager is way smaller than Apollo.
2)Voyager doesn’t have removable battery – Apollo does. And that is probably how Infomark (the maker of Voyager) was able to shrink Voyager to this size.
3)Voyager doesn’t emit heat like Apollo.
4)Voyager has better speed than Apollo and unlike Apollo no data connection drops for 5-days of use. Apollo is a good product but Voyager is just a superior product.

The only problem I personally have with Voyager is that I couldn’t change the default IP address from to 192.168.x.x. I hope next time Clear or Infomark make some software/firmware update they will make this configuration available.


Why is not having a removable battery a plus?


reply to Seahass
Would like to see a speed & 4g connectivity comparision.


Ditto on the speed test.

I wonder if the smaller form factor makes for a weaker antenna?


I just found this:

Clear 4G+ Apollo
down: 9,235
up: 3,313

Clear Spot Voyager
down: 7,393
up: 2,259

from: »reviews.cnet.com/cell-phone-and- ··· mPPKKXXi

Does the Voyager also have antenna connectors like the Apollo?


Seattle, WA
reply to lerot
1) Smaller footprint
2) no-longer device & battery connection worries during troubleshooting. Sometimes Apollo will not power off unless you physically remove the battery.