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Re: Cleveland West Side practically unusable since Jan 17

said by sllywhtboy:

said by RootWyrm:


actually meant for hudiat.

Sorry, should've been clearer. Rather aggravated with the situation for obvious reasons. Totally on me.

To the extent of my knowledge, huidat is served out of the same headend I am - Blaze Industrial, with Brook Park being serviced via a northeast running trunk and signal amps. (This may be incorrect, and I certainly welcome any clarification. It'd be the first response from WOW to date.) If the cabling hasn't changed overmuch - though it probably has - I'm serviced off the West Street overhead trunk through open junctions.
If I am correct though, I believe huidat is serviced by an overhead that runs West Bagley to Engle. Prior statements from WOW to a friend in the Brook Park service area indicated that service was unavailable due to max line distance being hit. So that's my guesstimate there - would be in the neighborhood of a 5-6 mile amped pull.

So, tl;dr version - when huidat and I both see signal degradation at similar levels? It will almost always indicate headend. I'll generally see signal degradation at higher levels and before huidat because my lines are known to be more vulnerable to weather related issues due to open junctions - which I'm pretty adamant about avoiding truck rolls on. (Unless WOW wants to swap to enclosures.) Because of pull distance, huidat's more likely to see headend problems before I am. If we're both seeing it, it's headend. If it's either one of us separately, it's the line.