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Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
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sooner or later..

a cablevision line/housecall tech only earns about HALF (guessing) what a Verizon (union) worker who works with FTTP/FIOS makes. somtimes they are using their OWN equipment, tools and other resources to do the job which is why they on average earn half what a VZ tech would when you consider benefits, and other obligatory pay perks.

probably a majority of the service calls are done by tri-wire or another 3rd party contractor. unionizing does nothing more than anger the contract hirer which in turn can choose to lock-out the union (with very little recourse against Cablevision) and go with someone else because they are NOT directly hired by Cablevision.

what's going on is probably there are more 3rd party contractors doing less menial work like splitting nodes, troubleshooting nodes, installing fiber routes, and such which in theory should be compensated more the way Verizon workers are.. and maybe they do have a tiered paygrade but it's nowhere near what Verizon level-1 outside plant techs would get.

Brooklyn could quite probably be ground Zero of the broadband war between Cablevision & Verizon where Verizon recently accelerated FIOS build (and shut it down EVERYWHERE ELSE INCLUDING LONG ISLAND SUBURBS). Cablevision has a good chance of losing customers now that Verizon is deploying FIOS. The only backstop is that Verizon recently rai$ed rates.. Can you blame cablevision for wanting to upgrade on the cheap? Sure, if you're a 3rd party contract worker getting peanuts, but not if your a rate payer. You want 50/8 100/15 for as low as possible... maybe one day symmetric broadband. after simple upgrades, Cablevision could easily do 25/25, 35/35, 50/50 and so on upto the Docsis 3 spec'd upload limit. Will they? anyone's guess. Can't really talk smack on advertisements if you're not willing to back it up.. after having a historical rep of delivering 1/3rd the broadband 16/24 hours of the day. Customers will say show me the speedtest.. and throughput at various times of the day/night!