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River City Bounce
Brooklyn, NY
reply to Gone

Re: Who is responsible

Funny I was just about to mention similar situations with cell phone companies. I thought the problem was that cell phone companies DO NOT contact the customer when they are incurring high overages. Perhaps the situation is different in Canada?

It would be very courteous of Cogeco to have called the customer when his account showed highly irregular expenses incurred. Courtesy isn't so much a priority these days...it's all about legal responsibility now, which is why Cogeco is insisting they sent the customer a letter.

If this customer receives full/nearly full reversal of the costs incurred, does this mean everyone should receive similar treatment if they receive bill with similar costs? I realize it may seem like I'm in favor of Cogeco, when I am not whatsoever. I am trying to find a balance between both sides, if such a thing is possible.
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