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Grass Lake, MI
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Re: Why are you all so anti worker (union)?

The union that represented your father is NOT the union of today. I come from a long line of auto workers; one worked for Pontiac, the other for Fisher Body (GM). My father-in-law retired from Chrysler and I worked contract for GM. One of the things that shocked me in the late 80's was when my maternal grandfather, a long-time union man, confessed that the behavior of the UAW was "making him vote Republican."

Union dues are being diverted to support causes and politicians that have ideas completely contrary to union members. They've deviated a long way from representing worker safety and improving performance; my husband was conscripted into the UAW for many years even though he worked as a social worker in Detroit.

Performance doesn't really matter, it's all seniority. He just taught a class in Detroit and is continuously appalled at the total lack of professionalism (let alone literacy) of long-term state human services employees who cannot or will not be fired because it's too expensive to fight the unions.


Cleveland, OH

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You're a woman?

Also can't union workers vote for new leadership if they feel current leaders aren't serving members properly?