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reply to Network Guy

Re: Incoming price increase to all customers

Network Guy,

I can say the same insulting things about people in the "IT industry"

Like the "IT guy" who came to "help" me on an installation job and watched me do all the work b/c he didnt know sh*t, but yet got the credit for making sure it was done "right"

or the IT guy in charge of the "telecom" department who "checked" the line at the dmarc and said it was an "outside" problem... Problem is he didnt know how to troubleshoot a simple short circuit and the problem was on HIS end, and with all his degrees and certificates couldnt grasp the simple, menial idea of how a short circuit affects a service.

My opinion of IT people is quite low when they think they know my industry, b/c I have yet to meet an IT person who could troubleshoot any telco/cable service


I totally agree!!! A lot of these IT people are forced to be the telecom tech also. They think they know everything under the sun , but when they are proven wrong and that the trouble is to the customers equipment, then this is what you hear ," Are you going to charge us????" in my mind if your pleasant to me , probably not, but if your an asshole, then of course i'm going to bill you