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St Catharines, ON

Business vs. Residential Double Standard

The best part is that Cogeco doesn't even impose overages or throttling on their business packages. All those packages have is an unenforced soft cap. They don't even require you to show a business license of any kind when you sign up for a business package. I know at least a couple of heavy users, myself included, who do 100s of GBs a month, in residential neighbourhoods, on the business starter package without even hearing a peep from Cogeco. I'm sure they could start charging business users overages any day, but the fact is they don't.

Fort Erie, ON
Well for one, there's no such thing as a 'business license' beyond those issued by municipalities, and even then there's no requirement that you actually have one to conduct business. What you're probably thinking of a CRA Business Number, but even then you can operate a business under your own name with out a CRA BN (you use your SIN instead) and claim it on your own personal return, so that renders the whole idea of asking for a business number to validate that you a business moot.

As for why Cogeco doesn't have overage fees on the business accounts, that's simple - Bell doesn't. Furthermore, the regulatory framework surrounding business accounts has resulted in the CRTC saying that Bell can't impose the whole capacity based billing model on business connections. And finally, if the whole duopoly situation isn't enough, businesses have a way of suing the shit out of other companies that have broken equipment that doesn't reliably measure things and then has the balls to bill them for it.

So no, you'll probably never see overage fees charged on business accounts, at least not with the way things stand right now. Considering the percentage of business to residential clients Cogeco has, they probably don't care, either.