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Poorly Representing MYSELF.
reply to FFH5

Re: Incoming price increase to all customers

said by FFH5:

said by Dodge:

in 3...2....1...

The union employees have only won a short term possible pay bump in trade for unemployment in the long term.

Who said they were going to get a bump in pay? People always speak of Unions and highly paid employees in the same breath. I dont see Cablevision, being a largely Non-Union MSO, agreeing to a contract that pays Union Employees more.

Remember, there is a bargaining process to be started.. and the worst case scenario of two sides not agreeing to something? Contract out the work while the employees sit home and earn nothing.

There are no short or long term benefits this late in the game.

What I do see? A bunch of hungry contractors eyeing Brooklyn as their next home.
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