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Pearcy, AR

[vps] VPS or Cloud Server with Storage

I'm on disability, I am currently paying $25 / month for a 100gb shared server and was wanting my own server. Every cloud server I have seen out there is "fixed" on the HDD space available and if you want anything custom the price flies through the roof.

Anyone have any suggestions even a cheap dedicated would be good, I don't necessarily need anything "major" 1024mb RAM & 250-500gb HDD space. Course right now isn't a good time since HDD's are expensive from that flooding.


Huntsville, AL
How much bandwidth are you using on a monthly basis? Could you host this at your home or office? If that is an option then you could build your own box and make it as hefty as you wanted (and it doesn't have to be all that expensive depending on how much traffic it gets).

Portland, OR
reply to Screavics
Could you put any of that stuff on Amazon or Google cloud services? You can make any file easily accessible there. It could also serve as your backup.
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Pearcy, AR
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My upload isn't good enough for me to host my own files. It's only 2mbps up and I need minimum of 10mbps because of the data transmitted (images of pets & photos for a project I did). I thought about Amazon but their pricing is kind of high compared to other services I have used. Services like Rackspace Cloud & Storm on Demand have free inbound traffic but the storage space is not as flexible as I would like.



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reply to Screavics
I'm glad to have read this information. Now if Cloud Server is so much better than VPS then why do you still offer VPS? Pardon me for saying this directly but I can't find words to say it more politely.

Anyway, I have another question. Does it mean that VPS users use the same server while cloud hosting has many different servers?