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Download does not complete 100% while using Browser

Hello all.

I wonder if someone from this great forum might be able to help me out with what is going on while trying to download some files from the internet. What happens with Firefox 3.6.25 on Windows XP SP3 with No AntiVirus and only a 3rd party Firewall (Outpost) I attempt to download a file from a reputable website. However the download does not complete it stays at 99% and says only a few seconds remaining. At this time there is no network activity whatsoever no packets being sent or received from this one computer. It stays that way for a long time like 10-20 minutes. Can someone tell me whether this could be a fault of the server that I am downloading from or is an issue with my computer (Firefox or Outpost or Windows or router) or perhaps an issue with the route the packets are taking to reach my computer ? I have written to the company that manages the files on the server to see if they are experiencing any issues and am waiting for their reply.

Personally I have had no issues with any other files downloaded from the internet but would like to find out where the problem lies... I use both IE8 and FF(3.6.25) with the same results in case anyone might suggest that it could be an issue with the browser.

All comments welcomed