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Hughesnet Customer Care Website errors all day

Since yesterday I have been trying to do 1 simple thing and that is login to my Hughesnet account and update my payment information. Little do I know this simple task would turn into a headache I would quickly regret. Since yesterday, I have been getting "The connection was reset" error pages in FireFox anywhere from after trying to login to my account to trying to access the page to update my information in my account. But thats not even the big problem here. The real problem is that when I finally get to the update information page, it tells me that I cannot leave the Card Type field blank. Well here is the problem: THERE IS NO CARD TYPE FIELD! 2 customer service representatives insisted that this happens because of wrong settings in FireFox. I even tried doing this in Internet Explorer and nothing. Since no one at Hughesnet seems to recognize this problem, (which when it comes to them getting the customer's money you would think every error and bug under the sun would be known and addressed by now) I have to call them to have them login to my account and update my payment information. This means I have to give my card number and information to someone I don't know through the phone. I don't want to do this and I just want to know what is going on here.

Help? :'(