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WiFi Digital Picture Frame

Looking for suggestions for a WiFi enabled digital frame... Something pretty much exactly like the Kodak Pulse, only not a Kodak Pulse...

Backstory - I've had a Pulse frame for about 2 years - I loved the ability to email straight to the frame; friends and family could also send pics straight to us... When it worked, it was incredible.

HOWEVER - the Kodak Pulse service is a dog - there's no ability to backup of the pics on Kodak's server, and reseting the frame discards all the pics on the frame and the server, and closes your account; so if you have to reset the frame (SOP for any kind of hiccup with it) - you loose everything that was on it....

Something in the 7-10" range, WiFi and/or email connected would be ideal... Most Google links lead me to the Kodak frames, which I want to avoid; or some other names I'm not familar with (Pandigital seems to be common?) - for $150 - I'm not prepared to take a flyer on an unknown company...

Anyone have experience with a networked frame to share?


Hey Lazman

you can get a Pixstar email sharing frames that can connect to your online album as well such as Picasa, Facebook, Flickr.

you can find it on Amazon under Pixstar fotoconnect 10.4" and 8"

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Get an iPad.


reply to LazMan
Samsung and Polaroid have WiFi network frames to connect to a PC rather than an online service. Nextbase PhotoM@il frames use can receive pictures via e-mail and the Toshiba Journe is more like a multimedia device but is a frame that can use Flickr and Picasa.
Thay may be suitable for you.