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SBG6580 Can't connect to Internet

Hello all,
I just joined the forum. I am having trouble with connecting other devices on my home network wirelessly to the Internet.
I bought a Motorola SBG6580 Wireless Modem. The only service available in my area currently is ATT "High Speed Dial Up". I have a CAT 5 cable plugged into my Motorola Modem from the little jack on the wall installed by the ATT tech. I have another CAT 5 LAN cable going from the Motorola Modem into my NIC on my Desktop PC (Windows 7 Ultimate). This computer connects fine to the Internet. I have the wireless network enabled on my Motorola Modem for a local network at my house with all my wireless devices: laptops, phones, blue ray player ect...
All of my devices in my house connect perfectly fine to the wireless network from the Motorola Modem. They all get IP Addresses, but none of them can connect to the Internet!! They can see each other and even swap videos and files but they can't access the Internet. If I plug a CAT 5 LAN cable from my laptop into the Motorola Modem, it dials out and connects to the Internet no problem. But if I just use the wireless connection being broadcast by the Motorola Modem it doesn't work.
Modem Settings: NATP is enabled, bridging disabled. The Primary network is enabled with WPSA2 security. Firewall enabled. No MAC filtering or IP Filtering enabled, just straight normal settings.
Am I missing something simple? I have tried several configurations but none of my wireless devices can connect to the internet once they have joined the network being broadcast by my Motorola Modem... not sure what is going on... any ideas or suggestions would be great.

Thanks in advance,
if this isn't the right place in the forums then please direct me.

Thanks again,


Ballwin, MO
I have the Motorola SBG6580 as a cable modem. Same issue, only computer could connect to the internet. Got the following suggestion on the Charter Internet/TV board.

said by cablegeek01:

That IP address on the SBG6580 could be causing a conflict since that can also be used to access the internal web page of the modem itself (not the gateway). try changing the LAN IP on the SBG6580 from to something like ( reboot the modem, and reboot all your devices. Verify that they now pull a 192.168.25.x IP address and see if it can get online.

That hint helped me solve the problem. Here is my answer. Hope it helps.

said by NotVariable:


That last suggestion did the trick. I changed the LAN IP address to and changed the DHCP range to exclude that address. Also, it works with the Firewall turned on.

I initially changed the IP address and DNS settings on the Blu Ray Player to get the connection to work, but was able to change it back to Auto so that the SBG6580 supplies them thru DHCP.

Thanks immensely.