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Palmer, AK

Bandwidth Crisis? LOL

Sometime ago, I used to have DSL. It was speedy for what I was paying for and the location I was in (Alaska). I did a lot of online gaming and noticed I was running into serious lag and unable to connect to a server in Oregon.

I fired up Visual Route to see where the problem was and who's problem was it. The DSL provider was a cheap ass and had their POP (point of presence) in some little town in Connecticut, not in Seattle where it should have been. Next indicator of a low grade pipe was how the connection was bounced across the United States 2-3 times before reaching it's destination. A nice feature in VR is being able to poll a suspect router for ownership, point of contact phone number and email address. The POP router was owned by AT&T and I promptly contacted them for an explanation. It seemed my local provider was over selling their service and didn't bother to upgrade the pipe to keep up with demand. The local provider kept throwing the excuse of "we'll put a trouble ticket in". I called my local provider again to give them a chance to upgrade and got the same excuse. I told the local provider that I talked with their long haul data provider and told them they were bullsh*itting with the trouble ticket excuse. There was a long pause, then I told the local provider the next action would be a long letter and printouts of evidence to back up my claims to the public utilities commission. It took them a week to get this challenge rectified.