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This is a sub-selection from Don't they realize...


Wakefield, MA
reply to momus_98

Re: Don't they realize...

Until they put a "key" on the dvd or brd so that it can only be watched on authorized players.


Pflugerville, TX

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You mean like DIVX? (Note, not the DivX codec)

Tried and failed.

And how do you put a special code on the discs that are already in the market? And which DVD player manufacturer do you get to go along with this? And what about players that are not 'Net connected (thus no firmware update) that would be unable to play these disks?

Lastly, why are DVDs singled out in this example? How can they claim exclusivity over books or anything else that can legally be sold on the secondary market? If I can buy a used [anything else], I can buy a used DVD.

Edit: Seems this issue is heating up elsewhere: »arstechnica.com/gaming/news/2012···ames.ars

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Wakefield, MA
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No I mean like a software key. That auths just one player or 5 what ever they deam to many. Divx failed because it was way too early. Watch when ultra violet fails.

Net connect devices will be the norm and then they will try and make you purchase a key like windows.
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