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Anyone use Comcast Metro Ethernet?

Hi Everyone,

My question is anyone that uses Comcast Metro Ethernet (or any Metro-E for that matter) what are you ping latency times like between 2 sites?

Here is a little background info:

We are looking to replace an MPLS network with Metro Ethernet circuits.

The reason we are doing this we have a certain application that is very latency sensitive that runs over our WAN.

This is a new Application for us that was part of a bigger project. We originally had Point to Point T1's where the latency was around 5ms as part of that big project we got away from those point to point circuits and rolled out an MPLS cloud as part of that project.

The issue was when we went form Point to Point to MPLS the latency jumped from 5ms to 30ms (obviously because MPLS is circuit switched so inherently there is more latency)

The App did not fair well on MPLS which was never tested because the MPLS cloud was pitched to us from the App's vendor.

The Vendor worked to fix the application so it could take the longer latency however after 4 months they have now given up and said that we could cancel our MPLS contract because they could not deliver.

During the 4 months they were working to fix it we were looking at alternatives. The one we found which we think is Metro Ethernet. We are in an area where Comcast is the only player int hat game right now.

Their price is very competitive however we are wary of the latency time because like MPLS it is circuit switched the only difference being copper vs fiber.

In our DR plan we need this type of environment for fail over purposes as a hub and spoke point to point does not work well because if you lost you site where the point to point circuits are terminated then your dead int he water.

What kind of bandwidth are getting with the MPLS (1.5 meg T1s)? And how much do you actually need? VPLS or EVPL may be possible solutions.

Btw, it's likely there are other carriers available for Metro Ethernet, aside from Comcast. Would have to know your locations to check..
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Re: Anyone use Comcast Metro Ethernet?

we have 7 locations with 1.5 meg in between and 2 locations with 3 meg (those 2 locations are our main site with the server room and the 2nd site is another office with another server room for DR replication)

For most locations they are running thin clients (Citrix Xendesktop). However there will be a VoIP phone system also in place by the end of the year.

What Comcast has proposed is a 10 meg mesh between all sites and a 50 meg private line between our main site and DR site so we have a DR pipe that can be used all day without disrupting the mesh network.

We might not need the 10 in the mesh because its mostly on xendesktop and going to be phone traffic but for the price (which was very aggressive) we were quoted it is worth the extra bandwidth.

All our locations are south of Boston in the South Shore area.

Also I just wanted to note the bandwidth isnt the major issue here (other then DR) the major issue is latency which we need to have under 10ms which MPLS can't (we know from experience) and we are told Metro Ethernet can.

We just wanted to get verification from other running a Metro E WAN that the latency is indeed where we need it before we sign a contract.


Exton, PA
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I can't speak to your exact question, my two sites are connected by multiple 10Gbe fiber links I had laid between the buildings.

I am using Comcast Metro Ethernet for my primary internet connection though. I originally signed up a few months back for 20/20 as a test to see if it would be capable of replacing my DS3 as our primary connection. I didn't tell anyone I was redirecting web traffic but within 3 or 4 days people actually said "the internet seemed faster". I've actually been happy enough that my circuit is scheduled to be upgraded to 100/100 on Tuesday and I've asked my account rep to come out to discuss voice PRIs to see if I can drop Verizon.
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Did you get an SLA with any latency guarantees from Comcast?
I have seen SLA backed latency times of 25ms one way (50ms RT), and others at 42ms RT. Better options may exist..
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