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Ashburn, VA
reply to Pirate515

Re: Restricting purchases

Even better, only purchase whatever numbers Warner Brother's is allowing, and simply don't offer many to your consumers. The Red Box consumer is NOT about to go buy the DVD if they can't rent it. If some resort to piracy, it is not Red Box that is instigating this movement, it is the actions of Warner Bros.

Heck, completely dropping all Warner Bros. titles would most certainly impact Warner Bros. more than it would Red Box. If I were Red Box, I'd simply post anonymous sales of the DVD's they did purchase from other media content holders, and show Warner Bros. exactly what they were missing. Let Warner Bros. see for themselves that this strategy is foolish, and that it will not bring them any more money.

This decision brings about a tiny increase in DVD sales, if any at all, a greater demand for pirated content, further strengthening this illegitimate form of trade, with zero money being made from sales to Red Box.

It is clear, to me, that this is not strictly about today's profits, but about tomorrow's control.