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[STB] PACE RNG110 HD Only Box (with no clock)

Is there a way to turn on my tv and cable box without the picture ALWAYS being extremely stretched & zoomed in when I turn the box on initially?

I have noticed the picture is being displayed in VGA for some reason.

I can "fix" this by powering the Comcast box off and back on but that's becoming a nuisance.

The AUTO DETECT on or off setting for the HDMI setting in the "hidden" menu on the box doesn't change anything.

I have the TV Display Capability settings set for 1080i and 480P.

I've tried turning the box on first and vice-versa with the tv but nothing changes.

I guess I'm the only one who has this issue.

Any ideas?



Houston, TX

If you are using HDMI, you can try using component cables.


Accokeek, MD

said by Russ6:

If you are using HDMI, you can try using component cables.

It may be a detection issue with the TV (not the STB).

Even when both are turned on at the same time, there is some electrical lag between the STB turning on and the picture arriving at the TV. Is there a format-detection option with the TV (auto-size or auto-detect)? If there is, turn it on.


reply to Russ6

Thanks, but the HDMI cable works fine on other Comcast boxes.

And who would want to go back to component cables?

I noticed my Sharp Aquos TV initially wants to display VGA until I power off the Comcast box and back on.

This phenomenon (don't know what to call it) doesn't happen when using other Motorola/PACE HD boxes.

Each box has it own issues though.

I've found I cannot use the RNG 150 box with my Yamaha reciever because the Audio via the Optical Out skips unbearably on L-PCM, Pass Through or AUTO settings.


Gaithersburg, MD
reply to HELPmePLEASE

I found the Pace RNG110 to have less HDMI problems than the Motorola boxes, before switching to a Motorola box try another RNG110.


Weirton, WV

I think he has the rng110. He might be on a cisco system though, where he can't get the 110 as the 110 is only on motorola systems.



I am in the Philadelphia Market if that makes any difference.

I tried changing the picture detection settings on my Sharp Aquos TV but none of them helped with the initial startup of my RNG110 box.

I did notice when I changed my TV picture detection setting from AUTO to RGB it corrects the picture resolution on the screen from VGA to 1080.

I guess I will just have to get to used to powering my box on and off 2 times.



This is the box I have:


RNG 110 with RF

CSG Model: Phase 2 - PCRNG110
Phase 3 - PCR110CR
Dimensions 10.5" wide x 7" deep x 1.5" tall
Available Outputs:
RCA (Composite)
Component (YPbPr)
Digital Audio Optical (S/PDIF)
NOTE: There are three versions of this converter: Two with RF output (Phase 2 & Phase 3) and one without RF

M-card Host
Low-cost, Comcast specified, next generation set top box
High Definition decode and output.
Multi-stream CableCARD for Motorola networks
A25.2-2, A28.x and Tru2way capable (Is currently being rolled out with Tru2way disabled.)
Docsis 2.0 (with 3.0 bonding)/ DSG and MPEG-4/AVC capable
Max memory configuration is 256MB RAM
This next generation set-top box must be used with the new Comcast Platinum Remote (dark silver) with white Comcast logo. Existing remote controls are not compatible with this box. Customers will be issued this new remote when they receive this new set-top box.



This is my second RNG110 HD box, so it's just the way this box talks to my tv I suppose.


Houston, TX
reply to HELPmePLEASE

You can leave the PACE RNG110 STB on all the time.



I like to turn everything off to save any ounce of electricity.

There is still a electricity drain when powered off though.

I know there is no perfect solution. Everything has issues, haha.

Thanks Russ for the good suggestion!

I'll just power on twice or leave the STB on as suggested.


Gaithersburg, MD

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The RNG110 is not energy star compliant so it uses almost the same energy on or off. It is probably a lot more energy efficient than the older Motorola boxes (DCT and DCH series).

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