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Pyramid City

Kingston, ON

Time to say goodbye

Finally I made up my mind to leave voip.ms which was my favourate voip company in the past. I have been with it for almost 2 years and was pleased with their real time online support, feature rich service and most importantly the great calling rate. However, I have been waiting for a long time for some important features, for example, call confirmation (preventing voice mail answering the call) and receiving sms. I just lost my patience to see new features coming out. They may already provide an enough good service but it should not be the time to cease progressing and enjoy the achievement. "If a Call Forwarding has a CallerID Override and is used within a Ring Group, then it will Override all CallerIDs for all Calls made by that Ring Group. " This known issue or inconvenience has been there for more than a year but no improvement has been made.
Slowing down to progress eventually gives its competitors a chance to beat them. I am now moving to a new company providing all the features I want from voip.ms. Besides, I also feel better with the new company as my voices have been heard. New features are flying out just a month after I requested it (probably other ppl also requested the same feature). Comparatively, what I got after submitting feature requests to voip.ms was an automatic email saying my request has been received, which was then followed by an infinite waiting.

I could give voip.ms a rating of 90% 2 yrs ago while it is only 80% now.


What company would that be?

PX Eliezer70
Hutt River
said by erfans:

What company would that be?

It has to be Anveo.

That's the only possible answer.

Anveo have been hashing out changes in a "fast and furious" manner, and their prices undercut even Voip.MS

But I wonder how long they can keep it up without running out of money, ideas, or energy.

It's quite ironic when Voip.MS is felt to not have enough features or innovations....!

Pyramid City

Kingston, ON
Correct. However, I am not willing to reveal its name, which makes me look like marketing for them. As I said I did like voip.ms and I am still hoping they can continue making innovations and keep their service up to par as the past.