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reply to Iphoneuser

Re: [Spam] SMS spam from 271-40 - Reply STOP or ignore?

said by Iphoneuser :

I called AT&T immediately and told them about it. They said to definitely text back STOP, and that the jerks had already started charging me $9.99/month. AT&T removed the charge and made sure I didn't have any other charges. I'll definitely be reporting these clowns to the FCC (where I report ALL spam texts). Definitely call your service provider and text STOP!

Again, regardless of what the carrier says, I advise against replying if you put a billing block on your account. Miscreants may not be able to bill you but they can certainly continue to hit you with texts once they know the number is live (that will cost you money if you don't have an unlimited plan or one that has enough leeway for junk in addition to your regular use).
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